SSL Gold - The high-quality SSL certificate for your company

With the organisation-validated SSL Gold certificate, you demonstrate your customers and partners, that your webpage or your web application is owned by you. As checked and proven by us, the website operator is displayed transparently in the certificate contents. SSL Gold offers visitors effective protection, advanced security and a higher trust in your company.


SSL Gold with option multi-domain

  • Order optional your SSL Gold certificate with up to 20 additional domains or subdomains, meaning additional entries in the SAN field of the certificate. The option Multi-Domain fulfills the requirements of a Microsoft Exchange UCC/SAN environment.
  • When ordering the SSL Gold certificate with only one domain entry, the protection of the domain is including with or without "www".

Would you like to obtain several certificates in a simple and flexible manner? The SwissSign Managed PKI service pays off from just 5 SSL Gold certificates.


Important change


Browser producers are reducing the validity of SSL/TLS certificates to one year in their browsers. Find out more


This price applies to the entire validity period of the certificate and is only valid for new orders and direct clients until further notice at www.swisssign.com.