SSL Gold Wildcard - encryption for an unlimited amount of subdomains

The organization validated SwissSign SSL Gold Wildcard Certificate allows you to protect and manage any number of subdomains for a defined domain name using a single certificate: *.domain.com.


Important change: Browser producers are reducing the validity of SSL/TLS certificates to one year in their browsers (find out more).
SwissSign licences with a two-year validity can therefore only be ordered and redeemed until 14 August 2020 (certificate activation must be completed by 30 August 2020 at the latest).


Wildcard certificates are suited to protecting several websites that share the same domain or to cope with frequent additions of subdomains.

The SwissSign SSL Gold Wildcard Certificate includes all advantages of the gold category: a high degree of trust thanks to organization validated identify proof. By making the website operator visible to the user the SSL Gold Wildcard Certificate offers enhanced protection and security.

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