SSL Gold Single-Domain (EV) Certificate

With the SSL Gold Single-Domain (EV) certificate, you get the highest level of trust from visitors to your website or web application. Your company name will appear directly in the browser address bar in green. This certificate offers the highest possible protection and security for your customers and business partners.

If the SSL Gold Single-Domain (EV) certificate is ordered with just one domain entry, the domain is protected with or without ‘www’.

Benefit from attractive certificate prices and other price advantages when you place a multiyear order*.

That's why the SSL Gold Single-Domain certificate at the Extended Validation level is right for you

Encrypted online connections

✓ Perfect for online banks, big online shops
✓ Suitable for companies whose brand is synonymous with security and who want to demonstrate the highest level of trust

Benefits of Extended Validation

✓ Highest level of trust thanks to extended validation identity check
✓ Website operator clearly indicated in the certificate

Multiyear offer

Save now and plan for the long term!

So that you can benefit from an annual price that’s as attractive as possible, including a discount, we also offer 2-5-year orders.*


* To comply with the latest security requirements, certificates must be re-issued annually.


For the annual validation, we’ll send you an email notification 10 or 30 days before the certificate expires. Please follow the instructions in the email to revalidate your domain and re-issue the updated certificate.


Your 30-day money-back guarantee applies to the original order date.





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