OV SSL Certificates

For smaller online stores or company websites


The Organisation Validation (OV) certificate type checks the organisation, i.e. the company operating the site. It also checks the official entry and confirms that the specified organisation actually exists. This information is indicated in the certificate. This ensures that the organisation is also the legal user.  


There are three main types of OV SSL certificates. Depending on the certificate type (SSL Gold Single-Domain (OV), SSL Gold Wildcard (OV) or SSL Gold Multi-Domain (OV)), different numbers of domains are protected.  

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  • Validation level
  • Identification check
  • Multi-domain option (UCC/SAN)
  • Subdomains
  • Issuance
  • Price
  • Validity

SSL Gold Single-Domain (OV)

  • OV
    Organisation Validation

  • within 1–2 working days

  • CHF 299

  • 1 year

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SSL Gold Wildcard (OV)

  • OV
    Organisation Validation

  • unlimited

  • within 1–2 working days

  • CHF 559

  • 1 year

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SSL Gold Multi-Domain (OV)

  • OV
    Organisation Validation

  • up to 20 domains

  • unlimited*

  • within 1–2 working days

  • up to 5 domains
    CHF 499


    up to 10 domains
    CHF 799


    up to 20 domains
    CHF 1199

  • 1 year

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* In order for sub-domains to be covered, the domain must be filled in as a wildcard when the certificate is issued. As an example: *.domainexample.com

That's why the organisation-validated SSL certificate is right for you

Organisation-validated SSL certificates are suited to companies and organisations whose websites are used for information purposes and who wish to have the highest possible level of customer trust. Examples include smaller online stores or company websites.

Encrypted online connections

✓ Increased visibility of your website and improved Google ranking

Advantages of company validation

✓ High level of trust thanks to organisation-validated identity checking
✓ Especially suited to companies and organisations that want to offer their customers a high level of protection

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🗸 Certification authority (CA) in Switzerland

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🗸 Highest security standards

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