DV SSL certificates

Domain-validated protection for websites, blogs or mail servers


The Domain Validation (DV) certificate type validates the domain, i.e. it checks whether the URL (www.example.ch) exists. This validation is performed automatically via e-mail and offers the advantage that the check takes only a few seconds. This certificate protects the visitor with so-called session encryption and does not contain any information about the operator of this site/application.


There are two main types of DV SSL certificates. Depending on the certificate type (SSL Silver Single-Domain (DV) or SSL Silver Wildcard (DV)), different numbers of domains are protected.

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  • Validation level
  • Identification check
  • Multi-domain option (UCC/SAN)
  • Subdomains
  • Subsubdomains
  • Issuance
  • Validity
  • Price

SSL Silver Single-Domain (DV)

  • DV

    Domain Validation

  • immediate

  • 1 year

  • CHF 119

SSL Silver Wildcard (DV)

  • DV 

    Domain Validation

  • unlimited

  • immediate

  • 1 year

  • CHF 329

That's why the domain-validated SSL certificate is right for you

Issued within seconds, domain-validated SSL certificates are the right choice wherever digital communications need to be encrypted and cost-effective.

Encrypted online connections

✓ Online security creates more trust
✓ Increased visibility for your website and improved Google ranking

Affordable basic level of protection

✓ Perfect for websites, blogs or mail servers
✓ Particularly suited to websites with simple protection needs

Immediate issuance

✓ Automatic validation via e-mail
✓ Checking and issuance within a few seconds 

Why choose SwissSign?


🗸 Certificates issued quickly

🗸 Payment on account or by credit card

🗸 Professional support in three languages (German, English, French)

🗸 30-day return policy


🗸 Certification authority (CA) in Switzerland

🗸 Complies with national and international standards and legal requirements



🗸 Highest security standards

🗸 SwissSign certificates enjoy a high level of trust