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Digital certificates. For maximum security. Swiss made.

Trust in Swiss quality when it comes to SSL. Your IT infrastructure is secure thanks to our Swiss CA. We offer you a professional service in several languages. And just in case you’re not satisfied, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Choose your certificate

You can choose between Single Domain (protection of a single domain), Wildcard (single domain with subdomains) and Multi-Domain (up to 20 different domains).

Three SSL certificate validation levels

There are three validation levels for SSL certificates:

  • Domain-validated certificates (DV)

    The protected domains must be validated once a year. Validation is performed automatically via email in just a few seconds.
    DV certificates tend to be used for simple websites, blogs and mail servers that don’t involve customer data processing, for example.

  • Organisation-validated certificates (OV) 

    This validation level requires a validation of the organisation operating the domain. After validation by means of official registry entries, the certificate establishes the operator’s legal legitimacy.
    OV certificates tend to be used for smaller online shops and company websites, for example. Once customer data is involved, operators should choose at least the OV level. This can also be used to demonstrate a high level of security to customers.

  • Extended validation (EV) 

    The most comprehensive form of validation: in addition to the organisational entry, further legal and operational criteria are reviewed. International CA/Browser Forum guidelines serve as the basis for this validation.
    EV certificates tend to be used for websites with stringent security requirements, such as banks, large online shops and sites that process sensitive data and require customer trust.

SSL certificates: trustworthiness and secure data transmission

SSL certificates are an essential element of any website as they prove the authenticity of the domain/organisation and ensure that data is transmitted via secure communication channels. Such secure transmission is especially important when payment details or other personal information are involved. The applicant is validated before the certificate is issued; if the applicant is trustworthy and owns the respective domain, an SSL certificate is issued and can be used to encrypt the data transferred to and from the site concerned. This neutral form of validation ensures secure communication over the internet.

SwissSign: Swiss certificates for efficient protection

The padlock icon in the browser and the use of the HTTPS protocol (https://) are visual indicators of encryption. SSL certificates are issued by what is known as a certificate authority (CA). An international framework is created by the fact that the certificates must be recognised by all major browsers in order to run them.

The annual audit of compliance with the international guidelines for CAs ensures a high degree of trustworthiness. SwissSign is a Swiss provider of SSL certificates and issues certificates compatible with 99% of all browsers. SSL certificates provide valuable services, especially when doing business online. In addition to an improved Google ranking based on your trustworthiness, they also provide efficient protection against phishing and data theft. What’s more, they show your customers that they are in a secure online environment.

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