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Signaturen on DemandFor companies wishing to batch-sign incoming mail, outgoing mail and their archives, it is difficult to imagine a world without the electronic signature for the digitalisation of business processes: Electronic signatures have a "sealing effect" for digital documents – ideal for proving their integrity. An electronic signature can be assigned the same status as a hand-written signature, provided the relevant legal requirements are fulfilled, and ensures that the signing natural or legal person is identified.

The electronic signature allows for a considerable increase in both performance and quality thanks to the automation of business processes and the legal certainty provided – as we are familiar with from hand-written signatures. With signatures on demand (SwissSign Signing Service), documents also do not leave your environment, as only a document fingerprint ("hash") is transferred to SwissSign.

On the basis of the electronic signature, various services are feasible for different applications:

  • Individual signatures based on personal certificates issued to an individual.
    They are suitable for workflow processes in which individuals are required to sign documents digitally instead of providing a hand-written signature. As the private key has to be activated by entering a password for each signature, these signatures are not appropriate for mass or batch processes.
  • Mass signatures based on an organisation certificate or a time stamp.
    The organisation certificate complies with Swiss legislation in accordance with the Ordinance on Electronic Data and Information (EIDI-V) and the Company Accounts Decree (GeBüV) and – in contrast to a SuisseID – is not issued to a person, but rather only to a single organisation. The signature service is thus suitable for mass signatures, as it is not necessary to enter the password of an individual person every time. It is used in the areas of incoming and outgoing mail, invoicing or digital archiving. Even outside Swiss legislation, the organisation certificate signals that the document has been generated by the organisation (non-reputability) and has not been changed since its creation (integrity). In addition to the document's integrity, a time stamp also shows the exact standardised time at which the time stamp was applied to the document.

SuisseID, SwissSign organisation certificates and the time stamp are deemed to be trustworthy for Adobe (PDF) and Microsoft Office. They show everybody that the signature is valid and reliable.


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