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E-Mail signieren und verschlüsseln

At many companies, the most important means of communication – namely e-mail – is often left unprotected and exploited by phishing attacks.

With e-mail certificates, you ensure that the identity of the sender is confirmed, the integrity (authenticity) of the message is guaranteed and access by third parties is prevented. And all this with minimal effort.

This means that neither the sender of your e-mails nor the contents can be changed – thanks to the digital signature. And third parties are unable to read the message – thanks to encryption.

By using signed and encrypted e-mails, you demonstrate to your customers that you attach great value to secure and confidential business processes. Our Managed PKI certificate service with e-mail certificates can be simply and easily integrated into all popular mail gateway and certificate auto-enrollment solutions available on the market. Our partners would be delighted to impress you with their solutions.


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