Bring your own device - BYOD

Bring your own device

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BYOD is not a piece of proprietary technology and instead simply involves the use of your own private devices with access to a company's IT resources. This trend is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the business world and can be observed at companies ranging from multinational firms to small start-ups. And as is the case with many innovations, this development is associated with various benefits and risks.

In a working environment in which employees only access company data from stationary devices such as classic desktop computers, a username and password are sufficient for the authentication process. However, as soon as employees are given the freedom to choose their own end device and make use of mobile network connections, this simple access control is no longer enough. Here, digital certificates can guarantee secure access.

As part of its BYOD strategy, Swiss Post itself uses certificates in order to ensure the secure management of employee devices.

The modern auto-enrolment solutions of our technology partners support you at your company in protecting these devices on a fully automated basis.


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