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Signing made easy with SwissSign Signing Service

We can no longer imagine the digitisation of business processes without electronic signatures:

  • Electronic signatures have a ″sealing effect″ for digital documents, which is perfectly suited for proving integrity.
  • An electronic signature can be considered equivalent to a handwritten signature if the legal requirements for this are met.
  • With an electronic signature it is ensured that the signing natural or legal person is identified.
  • Even rights and authorities can be stipulated in the certificate and managed and can therefore be allocated to the person.

An electronic signature therefore offers a clear improvement in the performance and quality of business processes and the legal security we know from written communication.

With signatures as part of the SwissSign Signing Service, your documents also do not leave your environment, as only a document fingerprint ("hash") is transferred to SwissSign.

Based on the electronic signature, various services are possible for different applications:

Signing Services


Single signatures

Single signatures (Einzelsignaturen) are based on personal certificates which are issued on a single person. Their use case are workflow process in which single persons have to sign digitally instead by handwritten signature. For each signature you have to give access to your private key by typing in your password. Thus this service is not suited for mass or batch process in which several hundred documents must be signed.

More information about the SuisseID Signing Service can be found on:


Mass and batch signatures

Mass and batch signature are based on the organisation certificate and/or time stamp. The organisation certificate is compliant with the Swiss Law OelDI/GebüV (VAT) regulation and issued - in contrast to a SuisseID – on behalf of an organisation. Signatures of third-party organization certificates, which offer their signatures with so-called "third party" entries in the signature certificate and reside in Switzerland, can also be used for the mass signature in compliance with ElDI-V. For example, SwissSign also offers its own certificate for the signature service cost-effectively, unless it is explicitly desired to use the signature service with its own organization name.


The signature service is the base for any mass or batch process since it does not request the entry of a password for each signature. It is used for mail room inward and outward processing, billing and e-archiving. Also outside of the Swiss Law this signature shows that documents are originated from the organisation which signed (non-repudiation) and that the document was not altered after signing (integrity). The time stamp shows beyond the integrity also the exact time when the document was time stamped.

SuisseID, organisation certificate and SwissSign Time Stamping Service are accepted by Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office as trustful certificates. The document recipient can be sure that the document was trustfully signed. We offer the signing service on the basis of an organisation certificate with a subject titled “SwissSign AG”. SwissSign no longer offers a service based on a certificate issued to your own organization.


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