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Signature solution for banks

Many internal and external banking processes still rely on paper, and thus handwritten signatures. This makes these processes unnecessarily slow and complex. This also poses a disadvantage to your customers, who may be limited in terms of time and location; identity verification in person and on site is still required for many use cases. Our identity and signature solutions allow banks to digitalise their processes and serve customers wherever they are, at any time.

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Use cases

  • Identifying customers online

  • Signing credit card applications

  • Signing mortgage agreements

  • Making investments/investing capital

  • Signing internal documents

The solution


Electronic signatures help to speed up and simplify internal and external processes alike, while complying with legal and institutional framework conditions. They facilitate completely digital management of processes without media discontinuity.

The SwissSign signature solution can be easily integrated into your IT landscape (desktop, app, etc.). Thanks to our on-premise solution, the documents remain in your company’s IT environment during the signature process. The solution is particularly suitable for companies that want or need to keep sensitive documents within their own IT environment for compliance reasons. If required, you can integrate the entire solution as a white-label option in accordance with your corporate design.

On-premise integration not an option for you? As an alternative, we offer the cloud signature solution, which can be easily integrated via a REST API.

No matter which solution you choose, all data is kept entirely within Switzerland and protected according to the highest security standards.


We also offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to identification. You can still use your own identification processes and your customers can use your trusted authentication tools to provide electronic signatures with SwissSign. If you cannot or do not wish to use existing identities, we can take care of the identification process for you. You can use previously verified SwissID identities or, in future, our identification-as-a-service solution.

Qualified Evidence

Looking for straightforward integration? Then discover our "Qualified Evidence" product, which makes it easy to obtain identity card copies from your new customers with online identification, in a completely FINMA-compliant process.

The benefits at a glance

  • You can offer your customers time-saving processes. By choosing SwissSign solutions, you ensure that your gathering of identification documents is FINMA-compliant.

  • You increase your conversion rate by offering a 24/7 service – wherever you or your customers are.

  • You require fewer resources and less time for the same tasks.

  • You will be sustainably digitalising your processes and improving your environmental footprint.

Why choose the SwissSign signature solution?

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    Issued by a Swiss trust service provider.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

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    Signature complies with Swiss law (ESigA).

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    Identification complies with EPRA and FINMA standards.

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    Seamless integration into your processes

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