SwissSign TimeStamping

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Why a digital time stamp?
Digital time stamps are primarily used for precise timing when archiving documents or signing business documents, such as contracts or agreements. With a time stamp affixed, it is possible to prove easily and transparently that a corresponding data set has not been changed since exactly the point in time of the time stamp.

And this is how it works
To begin with, time stamps are used in conjunction with pdf documents. To use the SwissSign Time Stamping service, you need a digital certificate. With this, you can sign a pdf document and affix a SwissSign Time Stamp.

Instructions for signing a pdf document and how to configure Adobe Acrobat for the SwissSign Time Stamping service are found under Documentations.
SwissSign TimeStamping


After signing, you can check the time stamp in the document by clicking Signature, then Signature Properties, and then Date and Time.



SwissSign Time Stamping is compliant to the standard Time-Stamp protocol RFC 3161 and can be adapted to your requirements on request. Please contact us for this service!