E-Mail ID Silver

Personal ID Silver

Encrypt and sign in an inexpensive manner

Using the Personal Silver ID certificate, you can sign and encrypt your e-mails in a trusted manner with all popular e-mail programs and mail gateways. The software-based certificate contains the validated e-mail address and is issued within a matter of seconds or minutes.

Would you like to obtain several certificates in a simple and flexible manner? The SwissSign Managed PKI service pays off from just 20 Personal Silver certificates. 


  • mastercard
  • VISA
  • PostFinance
  • Rechnung

Product details

  • Verification of identity: E-mail address, no verification of the organisation or the applicant.
  • Term of one, two or three years
  • Software-based, i.e. certificate file
  • An unlimited number of copies can be used on laptops, PCs and mobile devices.
  • Managed PKI: Yes
  • Telephone and e-mail support in German, English and French
  • The certificate is issued within a matter of seconds or minutes following the application and after the electronic validation process via the e-mail address.
  • Not generally usable for Adobe PDF signature. Only usable for internal purposes if Adobe is configured to use the Microsoft Certificate store.


Technical details

  • Recognised root CA
  • SHA-2 hash algorithm
  • Encryption of up to 256 bits
  • Key length of up to 2,048 bits
  • Key use: Digital signature, non-repudiation, key encipherment, key agreement, secure e-mail
  • Distribution: All common browsers and platforms. See Compatibility
  • License can be used on an unlimited number of computers and mobile devices.
  • Validation with OCSP and CRL
  • User account for certificate management
  • Revocation service for the revoking of certificates
  • Notification 30 days and 10 days prior to expiry of validity
  • Support of directory services (LDAP) for mutual key exchange under the search field at www.swisssign.net or under directory.swisssign.net with the search basis ‹o=SwissSign,c=CH›
  • EBCA conform
  • Applicant-specific entries in the certificate:
    • CN = common name: e-mail address (mandatory)
    • OU = organisational unit is pre-defined with "e-mail-validated only".
    • Period of validity
    • SAN (SubjectAlternativeName) entry contains the e-mail address.
    • Further applicant-specific entries are not permitted and are removed from a CSR.



  • All binding guidelines for this certificate type are stipulated in the relevant Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS): SwissSign Silver CP/CPS

Secure e-mail communication with SwissSign personal certificates

An e-mail in the digital world is like a postcard in the physical world. It can be intercepted, read and modified, while the sender details can also be changed. With personal certificates, you ensure that

  • the identity of the sender is confirmed,
  • the integrity (authenticity) of the message is guaranteed and
  • access by third parties is prevented.

 And all this with minimal effort.


Personal Silver ID

In the case of a Silver personal certificate, it is only validated via an automated e-mail whether the email-address in question actually exists. The certificate is therefore available within a matter of seconds or minutes of the order being placed. For those looking for an efficient way of signing and encrypting a certificate, a Sliver certificate suffices.


Personal Gold ID

A Gold personal certificate is subjected to a more stringent check: A copy of an identification document with a written request must be provided. The probability of fraud is lower with a Gold certificate than is the case with a Silver certificate. The Gold quality level is especially recommended when it comes to confidential e-mail communication with customers and business partners. Phishing e-mails are bad for your business and need to be avoided.

A Personal Gold ID certificate with the organisation entry option also identifies the individual as a member of an organisation. For companies, it makes sense to exclusively use this variant. With such a certificate, the existence and business activity of the company is checked. The company in turn confirms that the person in question works for it and can revoke the certificate at any time if the individual leaves the company.

Do you also require the personal certificate in order to ensure a secure login procedure for your systems (authentication)? If so, you definitely require a Personal Gold ID certificate, as the Silver certificate does not offer this function.


Signing of documents

With all certificates, it is technically possible to sign PDF documents. However, Adobe only lists hardware-based certificates in its certificate store as trusted certificates. For this reason, it is recommended to use the hardware-based Suisse ID (personal certificate) or the SwissSign organisation certificate for the signing of PDF documents.

Office documents – Word, Excel, etc. – can generally be signed with Silver and Gold certificates, however.


Personal certificates for companies

Should you use personal certificates throughout your company, we recommend our Managed PKI service. Here, no individual check of the person and e-mail address is performed. Instead, the company is subjected to a one-time check and is then able to issue certificates for one or more requested e-mail domains and organisations. Furthermore, numerous partner applications are linked to SwissSign via automated interfaces, meaning that the issuing and extension of certificates take place on a fully automated basis without additional administrative work.


Validation is performed electronically

  • Simple electronic validation process via an e-mail sent to the desired address



  • The mail account for the verification should already be available.

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