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Signing online with signature cards in Germany

More and more people are using the Internet for private and business transactions where the qualified electronic signature is now taking the place of the handwritten signature. The D-TRUST card and the D-TRUST multicard allow you to digitally sign and secure your online communications.

Tasks and application areas

On the net, qualified electronic signatures (QES) are replacing the handwritten signature and clearly indicate to the recipient that the message has not been manipulated and is in fact from the person who sent it. A QES is based on a valid personal certificate that is issued by a trust service provider like our partner D-TRUST, German’s Bundesdruckerei's TSP and will be offered on a common portal with our partner D-Trust.

D-TRUST signature cards contain two different certificates. There's the qualified personal certificate for the legally binding electronic signature which can be used to verify a person's identity.  Depending on the type of personal certificate, it is also possible to verify the person's affiliation to an organisation and their role in a certain context. Then there's an advanced certificate for authentication, encryption and advanced signing. Both certificates meet with all the requirements of the German Act on Digital Signature and it is expected that they will meet the requirements of the new European eIDAS signature standard which comes into force in this year (2016).

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