Secure identity solutions

Certificates are also used to authenticate individuals accessing a system. For example, they are used instead of a login process based on a username and password. SwissSign's E-Mail certificates are ideal for this purpose: E-Mail ID Gold and SuisseID.

We can also recommend the following partners in connection with the topic of digital authentication and identities:


HID GlobalHID Global Logo
HID Global is the global market leader in the area of innovative products and solutions for a secure identity. Millions of customers in more than 100 countries worldwide trust the highly secure identity solutions in their access control systems and benefit from the most extensive range of interoperable products. The range also includes solutions for strong authentication, visitor management, card printers for personalising IDs, official documents and also RFID technologies for applications in industry and logistics.




KobilKobil Logo
Kobil stands for secure data and secure communications on computers anywhere in the world. Kobil Systems GmbH has been an internationally leading supplier of IT security technologies for digital identities for over 20 years. IT security solutions by Kobil are mobile, flexible and user-friendly. As a pioneer in the areas of cryptography, smart-card technology and PKI, Kobil now provides products that are today the recognized standard for digital identities and highly-secure data technologies.





neXus TechnologyneXus Technolgoy Logo
neXus is an international company for IT security solutions. Its core competence lies in the area of identity and access management (IAM). neXus offers solutions, products and services which protect the identity of individuals, objects and transactions in both the digital and physical worlds. neXus has branches in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Luxembourg, the UK and the US.