Managed PKI services

Do you have many different certificates in self-signed certificate environments (CAs) and would now like for these certificates to be created and managed by a trusted and recognised CA?

With SwissSign's Managed PKI services, you can submit certificate requests, approve certificates for your company and manage all of your certificates in a convenient manner either via a partner interface or directly via a web interface.

We have various partners who will support you in connecting the Managed PKI within your company or put together a complete package for you:


Cryptovision LogoCryptovision
Cryptovision is a leading provider of efficient and high-secure smart card solutions. Electronic identity documents, mobile phones, and navigation systems are only the most popular devices that contain cryptovision technology - more than 30 million people worldwide use them. The solution cryptovision provides for SwissSign is the smart card middleware cv act sc/interface, which connects the SwissStick with the PC operating system and the application program.





Secardeo LogoSecardeo
Secardeo based in Ismaning (near Munich) is a provider of business solutions with digital signatures and certificates. Here Secardeo offers consulting services, groundbreaking products and integrated solutions. The business areas of Secardeo comprise certificate servers for PKI interworking, global end-to-end encryption for e-mail and cloud, Windows PKI with recognised certificates and also PDF signatures. Secardeo GmbH was founded in 2001 by Doctor of Engineering Gunnar Jacobson.





 Securosys LogoSecurosys Solution for protection of communications
We are a technology company dedicated to securing of data and communications. We develop, produce and distribute hardware, software and services that protect and verify data and their transmission. Our products are built and developped in Switzerland and with vested partners in Europe.






 White Rabbit LogoWhite Rabbit Security
An open commitment to OpenSource and Linux together with more than 15 years of experience in the PKI field makes the White Rabbit Security GmbH an ideal partner for IT Security in heterogeneous environments. Based on the OpenXPKI Trustcenter-Software White Rabbit Security realises professional solutions for key- and certificate management, which are integrated due to a multitude of open gateways/interfaces in existing IT Infrastructures.