Mail gateway

With a mail gateway, ensuring secure e-mail communication is remarkably easy. Via the standardised SwissSign CMC interface (RFC 2797 / RFC 5272), the mail gateway can acquire new certificates on an automated basis and can also revoke and renew existing certificates.

Companies use a mail gateway in order to

  • allow employees to access their own e-mails as well as the e-mails of their colleagues in instances in which they are deputising.
  • enable employees to sign and encrypt all messages which leave the company.
  • enable temporary encryption certificates to be provided to external recipients, allowing them to communicate with the company in a secure manner.
  • allow employees to, where necessary, also deliver encrypted data within the company.

SwissSign certificates are used by all leading European mail gateway providers:

Allgeier IT Solutions GmbHAllgeier IT Solutions
Allgeier offers an integrated portfolio of IT solutions and services for a variety of customer needs. These include flexible HR services as well as IT infrastructure solutions, software solutions, software life-cycle services and enterprise software services. The comprehensive portfolio of offers is made available to customers in 97 locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Its regional roots and local presence ensure Allgeier offers services of the highest quality.




Compumatica secure networks GmbHCompumatica secure networks

CompuMail Gateway encrypts and signs all the e-mail traffic and is the solution for secure e-mail in an organization. CompuMail Gateway is a software application, which is centrally integrated in the SMTP chain. The encryption can be done by four different methods: S/MIME, OpenPGP, PDF or CompuWebmail. The webmail functionality allows to send e-mails via the web from an external device and location. With PDFMail it is possible to encrypt and sign e-mails to third parties which don’t have certificates for the encryption of e-mails. The addressed user can, by entering a password, open and read the PDF document with the e-mail content and optional attachment(s). Encrypted answering is possible by pushing the reply button. CompuMail Gateway is very easy to integrate in existing networks, to manage by a central web management, and the end-user doesn’t need to do anything to send encrypted e-mails.



Allgeier IT Solutions GmbHDataEnter
CryptoFilter from DataEnter GmbH is an S/MIME gateway for Microsoft Exchange. Domain-based rules allow for the signature to be checked and removed, meaning that certificates are not required in either Exchange or Outlook. The certificates for encryption are collected automatically, putting an end to the administrative work for certificate management.





Net at Work LogoNet at Work
NoSpamProxy from Net at Work is an innovative secure e-mail gateway and offers convenient security for all e-mail communication. The NoSpamProxy Encryption module centrally encrypts e-mail traffic in an automated and rule-based manner – optimally integrated in Microsoft environments with Active Directory, Windows Server, Office 365 and Azure. End-users can send and receive e-mails as usual in Outlook, for example. The interface to SwissSign allows for the automatic procurement and management of E-Mail certificates. The NoSpamProxy Protection and Large Files modules as well as a Disclaimer Management function round off the offering aimed at ensuring legal security and the protection of e-mail traffic against spam and malware.





Secure Internet TrafficSecure Internet Traffic Logo
S.I.T. Secure Internet Traffic is a software manufacturer for content security software. S.I.T. aims to ensure protected communication and secure contents in public networks – especially on the Internet – in order to provide protection against hacker attacks, industrial espionage and intelligence services. With the objective of guaranteeing "pragmatic security", it develops and markets software products for the automated central encryption of e-mails in line with the highest security standards.






SEPPmail LogoSEPPmail
SEPPmail is a Swiss solution for a secure mail gateway. The SwissSign solutions are fully integrated into SEPPmail. Automated SwissSign certificates can be ordered and managed, and the appliance can be used as a gateway and rule engine for simple company implementations of IncaMail, the Swiss Post solution for secure communication. SEPPmail MPKI video





totemo LogoTotemo
The Swiss software company totemo provides solutions for email encryption, secure managed file transfer and secure mobile communication for organizations and institutions under the umbrella of totemomail®, totemodata® and totemomobile®. All online communication with partners and customers remains confidential, reliable and efficient – and most importantly, device- and location-independent.





XnetSolutionsXnetSolutions Logo
Since 2003 the German company has been offering cost-effective security solutions connected with e-mail and the internet. Companies and public organizations of all sizes can choose from a series of continually improved products. At the heart of the business are scalable solutions for e-mail encryption and signature, which are delivered as a ready-to-use appliance or adapted to globally distributed network environments. To automatically receive certificates an interface for the SwissSign CA is integrated.





Zertificon Solutions LogoZertificon Solutions
Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a central server solution for e-mail encryption and signature for companies of all sizes. The leading solution acts PKI-based according to internationally-established e-mail standards (S/MIME, OpenPGP) and password-based via PDF encryption or secure WebSafes. To Swiss Sign exist an integrated connection for automatic certificate issuance and management.