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In successful business dealings you know your business partners and trust them. But how do you ensure in e-business that your virtual counterpart is really the person they say they are? SwissSign provides trusted services for unique online identification – simple, secure and cost-saving.

Identification as a basis of e-business


Unique identification of business partners provides a stable basis for your digital business processes:


  • You determine verifiably and without any doubt which person is your virtual counterpart and claims to be a customer, partner or employee.
  • You are sure that the organisation with which you are doing e-business really exists and is represented by a verified person.
  • The documents come from the digitally signing person and/or company.


The online identification increases the security of e-business processes. With the increased trust this creates, digital business dealings are concluded more quickly and more easily.

SwissSign provides various services for unique online identification:


  • Confirmation of personal identity
    On request and with the permission of the owner, SuisseID can electronically confirm passport information such as name, age, home town or gender. This information is checked by Swiss Post together with the personal appearance of the person in question when SuisseID is issued. Via the IdP services, a standard service of SuisseID, Swiss Post/SwissSign digitally confirms the personal identity.


  • Confirmation of the identity of employees/positions
    In addition to the passport information of the owner, a SuisseID with company entry also confirms the organisational affiliation and optionally the position of a person (for example notary). This additional information is confirmed by Swiss Post/SwissSign, in addition to optional passport information of the owner, via the IdP services, a standard service of SuisseID.


  • Confirmation of the identity of companies in online services
    The online identity of companies is confirmed via SSL certificates in various qualities. The highest quality level ′Extended Validation′ (EV) can be recognised in any browser by the appearance of a green bar when accessing the checked link. SwissSign offers SSL certificates in the webshop or as Managed PKI for the simple acquisition of several certificates.


  • Confirmation of the identity of companies in documents
    The confirmation of the identity of companies in documents is done via an electronic signature. For the legally valid signature and therefore absolutely certain identification, an organisation certificate is used. Optionally the electronic signature can be obtained as a service via the SwissSign Signing Service.

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