Organisation certificate for HSM (SCSE)

Organisationszertifikat auf HSM

The certificate for electronic invoicing and archiving

The SwissSign organisation certificate complies with the Federal Department of Finance's Ordinance on Electronic Data and Information (SCSE) and the Company Accounts Decree (GeBüV). With this non-personal certificate, you can sign legally compliant electronic invoices and archive documents. You can also exchange VAT-relevant data with other companies in a paper-free manner.


  • mastercard
  • VISA
  • PostFinance
  • Rechnung

Product details

  • Compliance with SCSE and GeBüV
  • Suitable as proof of VAT
  • Verification of identity: E-mail address, applicant and organisation. In the certificate, however, only the name of the organisation and, where necessary, more detailed information such as the branch or department as well as details on the municipality, canton and country of the organisation's headquarters are displayed.
  • Term of up to three years
  • Telephone and e-mail support in German, English and French
  • ElDI-V only relevant for companies subjected to Swiss tax



  • Hardware security module (HSM): Not included within the delivery scope. We recommend the products of our partners SafeNetErgonomicsintarsys consultingPDF-ToolsSeacon and Secrypt.
  • Processing requires five to ten working days following receipt of the correctly completed application and the accompanying documentation (with the exception of hardware deliveries outside Switzerland)

Technical details

  • Recognised root CA
  • SHA-2 hash algorithm
  • Distribution: All common browsers and platforms. See Compatibility
  • Validation with OCSP and CRL
  • User account for certificate management
  • Revocation service for the revoking of certificates
  • Notification 30 days and 10 days prior to expiry of validity
  • SCSE compliant
  • Performance: Suitable for mass signatures (HSM).



  • All binding guidelines for this certificate type are stipulated in the relevant Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS): SwissSign-Platinum-CP-CPS

Smart digital processes

The SwissSign organisation certificate is a non-personal certificate. It is exclusively issued to organisations (companies and authorities).

With the SwissSign organisation certificate, you can sign electronic invoices and archive documents in a GeBüV-compliant manner. This certificate complies with the Federal Department of Finance's Ordinance on Electronic Data and Information (EIDI-V) and the Company Accounts Decree (OElDI).


Further information

Please submit the following documents by post

  • Original copy of the signed application form. You will receive the application form automatically via e-mail after redeeming the license at
  • Switzerland: Personal identification of the applicant using a passport or identify card (Switzerland, Liechtenstein or EU) at any Swiss Post branch to acquire a "Yellow Identification". The copy (front and reverse) or the original of the Yellow Identification must be submitted to SwissSign together with the other registration documents.
  • Requests from outside Switzerland: certified identification of the requester by the notary or certified proof of signature of the signed application form by the notary which was visited personally by the requester. Certification should always be in English, French or German. Please send to us the original certified identification.
  • Legal attested excerpt from the commercial register that is no older than three months (excerpt from the Federal State Calendar for public institutions). Other proof of the organisation's existence on request.
  • Copies (front and reverse) of a passport or identity card (Switzerland, Liechtenstein or EU) belonging to the authorised signatory(ies) and/or co-signatory(ies) in accordance with the commercial register / Federal State Calendar.
  • Language: Please submit your documents in German, English or French. Documents in other languages or composed using non-Latin characters must be translated into one of the three mentioned languages and the translation must be notarised. To this end, organisations based outside the EU and Liechtenstein again also require notarisation based on the Hague Apostille.

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