Setup of your organisation certificate

Congratulations with the purchase of your SwissSign organisation certificate

For safety reasons, your organisation certificate is not directly ready for use when delivered. Please observe the following steps for the initial operation.

1. Preparation

  • Make sure that you have clicked the link in the verification e-mail and have confirmed the information.
  • Connect your organisation certificate to your computer/notebook and have the TIN/PUK sheet (which you received separately) ready.
  • Carefully remove the cover according to the instructions on the back of the TIN/PUK sheet to reveal the TIN.


2. Software installation

Download the software and install this on your computer/notebook. Please note that the organisation certificate uses the same smart card technology as the SuisseID. Therefore the SuisseID Software can be used. Please do not be confused with the wording SuisseID during the initial setup. In all kinds your organisation ceritificate is mentioned. 

After the installation, the software starts automatically. If this does not happen, start it manually under Start/All Programs/SuisseID/SuisseID Assistant.


3. Entry of TIN and new PIN

After successfully starting the SuisseID software you will now see the input screen. Please enter the TIN which you will see on the TIN/PUK sheet. Choose your new PIN/password according to the following requirements and enter it in the two predefined fields:

  • 6 to 12 characters
  • Alphanumeric (upper/lower case)
  • No special characters (+/-$? etc.)

Click on “Execute”. Now the personal PIN/password is set for your organisation certificate and will be needed for all applications in the future.

IMPORTANT: Please keep the TIN/PUK sheet in a safe place.


4. Verify your e-mail address


Congratulations: The initial operation is concluded and your organisation certificate can now be used. Important: From now on you will only need your personal PIN/password to use your organisation certificate.

Further questions and FAQ: SuisseID-FAQ oder SuisseID-Support.