SwissSign milestones

The history of the SwissSign CA and its products and services


  • In accordance with the baseline requirements of the CA/Browser Forum, only SSL certificates with a term of 39 months may be issued as of 1 April. SwissSign therefore removes its five-year SSL certificates from its portfolio.
  • SwissSign launches its SwissSign Signing Service.
  • With the total revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) creates the legal basis for the digitalisation of customer acquisition – a milestone for the Swiss financial centre. Thanks to the Yellow Identification and SuisseID services, it will in future be possible to open bank accounts online. Both Swiss Post solutions fulfil the requirements of the new Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance.
  • SwissSign launches its new solution-oriented and responsive website.
  • SSL Multi-Domain with a main entry (FQDN) and now up to 40 additional FQDN entries in the SAN field.
  • Domains with and without "www": both domains are now protected with a single certificate with SwissSign.
  • SwissSign adds Multi-Domain SSL certificates to its portfolio at Gold and Gold EV level. These replace the UCC/SAN certificates.
  • SwissSign switches from SHA-1 to SHA-2 certificates.
  • SwissSign certificates meet the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for the outsourcing of banking services.
  • SwissSign develops and produces SuisseID and the SwissSigner signature software for Swiss Post:
  • SwissSign produces the first UCC/SAN and code signing certificates.
  • The Swiss Federal Administration officially recognises IncaMail, developed by SwissSign, as a secure electronic delivery platform and in doing so allows for encrypted and verifiable e-mail communication with authorities.
  • SwissSign produces the first SSL Gold EV and SSL Wildcard certificates.
  • SwissSign produces around two million certificates for the insurance cards of the Helsana Group.
  • SwissSign develops and produces IncaMail for Swiss Post – the secure and verifiable e-mail service:
  • SwissSign launches its first web shop.
  • SwissSign produces the Post Certificate for Swiss Post.
  • SwissSign offers an organisation certificate which is compliant with the Ordinance on Electronic Data and Information (OElDI) and the Company Accounts Decree (GeBüV).
  • KPMG certifies SwissSign as a recognised provider of qualified certificates in accordance with the Swiss Electronic Signature Act (ZertES).
  • SwissSign meets the requirements set by WebTrust and ISO 27001.
  • Swiss Post assumes complete ownership of SwissSign AG.
  • SwissSign AG is founded as a specialist for certificate-based IT security and data protection (privacy).