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Private Managed PKI

Outsource your own PKI to the certified SwissSign environment

With Private Managed PKI, SwissSign operates your public key infrastructure (PKI) for you in accordance with your specifications. If you prefer certificates will be issued from your own root certificate (root CA). You obtain and manage your certificates in a simple manner via our Managed PKI interfaces and web user interfaces. You benefit from maximum flexibility, low costs and a high level of security by outsourcing your PKI to the secure, certified and specialised SwissSign environment.


You define the scope and parameters of the Private Managed PKI service when placing your order. It is also possible to have your own CP/CPS. Among other things, you determine whether


  • a complete self-signed certification authority (CA) of your own is created,
  • you use an issuing certification authority (sub-CA) or
  • you exclusively obtain individual certificates directly from our internal not publicly trusted SwissSign CA.


You choose whether you only want to use your self-signed certificates internally or you want to use the same Managed PKI interface also for standard publicly trusted SwissSign certificates.


If you want to use your own CA or Sub-CA, you can request a quotation from us. You can use the MPKI Quotation Calculator directly to obtain individual direct certificates issued by a SwissSign Sub-CA.