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Autoenrollment with Managed PKI

Do a lot of your devices, servers, desktops and mobile devices have to be provided with certificates? Do you provide these manually or do you have these provided manually by various departments? Do you often have support costs for employees who have problems installing certificates? Do you not have a central overview of your certificates and, more importantly, of your keys?

Autoenrollment solutions (automatic enrollment and management of certificates) tailored for the SwissSign Managed PKI make it easier for you to ensure security in your own company and focus on your own business.

Certificate installation, management, revocation and exchange are still among the technically demanding tasks. Employees in the company in particular therefore have too much work to do to install and use certificates on their own devices.

For this there are good autoenrollment solutions, which automatically acquire, revoke or exchange certificates via an interface to the Managed PKI of SwissSign and install them on the systems at your location. Normal users will generally not notice any of this and can carry on with their daily work safely and without concern. We have tested, approved and proven partner applications available for various areas of focus, for example

  • Automatic e-mail signature and encryption
  • Automatic distribution to terminal devices, e.g. based on Active Directory
  • Automatic agents in the UNIX environment
  • Qualified and advanced signatures of documents in the document workflow

All solutions centralise your certificate supply and ensure your company assets – the private keys – remain secure and available at all times.

Get in contact with us! We will analyse your requirements with our experts and connect you directly with a suitable partner solution.