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We handle the identification process for your customers 

Do you work in public administration, the finance or insurance industry, or another sector and need up-to-date, verified customer data? Are verified identities the key element of your core business? Thanks to our identity services, you can focus entirely on your core business while we handle the identification process for your customers.  

    Verified SwissID identities

    Target group 

    • For public authorities, SMEs, private businesses, and online and e-commerce shops that need a certified solution for identity and age verification. 


    Your benefits 

    • Verified SwissID identities and additional attributes, including for concluding legally valid contracts with qualified electronic signatures 
    • Relax and focus on your core business. We’ll handle your customer identification process.  
    • Compliance with relevant standards: EPDG, ZertES, ETSI, FINMA, eCH-0170
    • Identification is free for your customers (online and offline)  Higher conversion rates due to the existing customer base of over 3 million SwissID users 
    • Higher conversion rates due to the existing customer base of over 4 million SwissID users 
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    FINMA-compliant online identification

    Target group

    • For banks, finance companies and other industries with KYC/GwG requirements that need an identity verification solution without integration. 


    Your benefits 

    • Complete digital onboarding of your customers without any media discontinuity 
    • The ID copy meets the requirements of the FINMA Circular 2016/7. 
    • Proof of identification can be provided automatically at interfaces and further processed in your system. 
    • End customers with authorization to sign under ZertES as a precondition for further digital processes  
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    Advice on integration

    Target group 

    • For companies in regulated environments that need advice on the legally compliant integration of our identity and signature solutions. 


    Your benefits  

    • Extensive experience in the integration of signature and identity services in organisations and IT landscapes
    • Experts who can accelerate your implementation thanks to in-depth knowledge of legal requirements, best practices and past experience with implementations
    • Support and advice for audits of regulated processes for customer identification and legally valid signing
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Do you have any questions? 

Unsure which model is best for you? Anything else unclear? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to advise you with no obligations.  

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