Code Signing

1-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 449.00  
2-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 699.00  
3-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 999.00  
5-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 1'399.00  

The certificate for signing software and applications

Distribute secure and trusted software with SwissSign Code Signing: Who has never run installation software and been given a warning like «The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to install this application?». This useful warning aims to protect trustful users from installing dangerous software.


Risks with unsigned software:

  • Publisher unknown: The user does not know who the software comes from and therefore does not know if this can be installed without risk.
  • Publisher is fake: The user thinks he or she knows who the software comes from. But the identity of the publisher is fake.
  • Software of the genuine publisher changed: The software comes from the indicated publisher but has been changed.


With the signature of the code with the certificate of an official provider the software is indicated as trusted and having integrity (it is unchanged). This means you protect your users against the risks described above and yourself from losing the trust of your customers. See also: How do I sign my code?


SwissSign Code Signing

SwissSign code signing is offered as a soft token certificate at the Gold level and is issued to an organisation name. SwissSign Gold certificates are recognised as trusted in the most important operating systems and browsers (see


Most providers restrict their code signing certificates to individual platforms such as Microsoft, Sun Java or Mac. This means that for the signature of their applications the customers need a separate certificate for every individual one of these platforms. This is not the case with SwissSign! With the SwissSign multi-platform code signing certificate you sign all applications with one certificate.


Please consider some exceptions: Apple demands the own Apple certificate for their Apple-Store apps. Also Microsoft allows only EV Code Signing certificates for special drivers used more or less in the core operation system. We would like to refer you to this article.


Advantages of SwissSign code signing

  • Trustworthiness: Your software is indicated as trusted during installation.
  • Unlimited number of signatures: With SwissSign code signing you can sign as many applications as you want.
  • Only one certificate for all platforms: With SwissSign code signing you use one single certificate to sign multiple applications for all important platforms such as Windows, Sun Java or Mac.
  • Free SwissSign time stamp: With an official time stamp you ensure that the validity of your signature does not expire! See also Code Signing and Timestamping
  • Online validation: The validity of SwissSign code signing signatures is checked online in real-time (OCSP).
Product features
  • Validity up to 5 years
  • With organization entry
  • Officially accredited Root-CA
  • User account for certificate mgt
  • Notification before expiration: 30 days / 10 days
  • SHA2 Hash Algorithm
  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Mandatory guidelines for this certificate type are specified in the «Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement» (CP/CPS): SwissSign Gold CP/CPS
Check of identity

Please submit the following documents via physical post:

  • The signed registration form in the original. You will receive the registration form automatically via email after redeeming your licence on
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport or Swiss identity card
  • For public organizations: excerpt of the federal directory. Other proof of organization on demand.
  • A copy of the passport or Swiss identity card of the authorized and co-signing persons according to the trade registry/federal directory excerpt


    1-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 449.00  
    2-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 699.00  
    3-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 999.00  
    5-year Code Signing Certificate,  CHF 1'399.00