Dissemination of the SwissSign certificates

To ensure your customers and partners can verify the certificates issued by SwissSign and can trust these, browsers and operating systems need to have installed the so-called root certificate of SwissSign CA.

The following overview shows that all common operating systems and approx. 99% of the used browsers have stored the root certificate of SwissSign and that this does not have to be installed manually. SwissSign is member of the CA Browser Forum and will follow all standards within this Browser Forum. SwissSign cannot guarantee that the certificate will still be trusted during the complete lifetime if a browser or application supplier will not follow this standard anymore.


  • Microsoft Windows from version XP 
  • Apple Mac OS X from version 10.4.11 (with Security Update 2008-007)
  • OpenSUSE from version 10.3 (distributions with NSS 3.11.9 upwards)
  • Ubuntu from version 8.04 (distributions with NSS 3.11.9 upwards)
  • Linux Mozilla NSS from 3.11.9 (January 2008)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: uses Windows store (see OS)
  • Mozilla Firefox from version (see OS NSS)
  • Mozilla Suite (see OS NSS)
  • Mozilla Camino (see OS NSS)
  • Apple Safari from version 3.0.4: On Mac it uses the Mac OS X Store (see OS). On Windows it has been hard linked since Version 3.0
  • Google Chrome: uses the OS store (see OS) – please have a look at Certificate Transparency
  • Opera from version 9.26
  • Apple iPhone Safari: uses iPhone store (see Mobile devices)
  • Opera Mini from version 4.1: uses same store than core browser (see Opera in Web browsers)
  • Microsoft Outlook: uses Windows store (see OS)
  • Microsoft Windows Mail: uses Windows store (see OS)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird from version epends on NSS version (see OS NSS)
  • Apple Mail from version 3.0: uses OS store (see OS)
  • Apple iPhone from version 2.0
  • Apple iPod
  • Apple iPad
  • Google Android from version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Windows Mobile
  • RIM / Blackberry from version 5
  • Opera Mini from version 4.1 (see Micro Web browsers)
  • Nokia: Pending Approval
  • Maemo (see Mozilla in Web browsers)
  • Symbian Foundation
  • Microsoft Office: uses Windows store (see OS)
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (Platinum root only!)
  • uses OS store (see OS)
  • Java (TM) SE Runtime Enviroment
  • Sun Java JDK 6 Update 8
  • Sun Java JDK 5 Update 17
  • IBM JDK 5 SR11 or higher
  • IBM JDK 6 SR4 or higher
  • KDE Graphical Environment
  • Blue Coat Proxy SG from OS version SGOS 5.4
  • Secaredo certBox
  • GMX
  • Windowsazure
    • Internet Explorer from version 7
    • Google Chrome from version 1.x
    • Opera from version 9.50
    • Safari from version 4.0.2 on Mac with OS-X 10.5.8 or higher)
    • Firefox from version 3.0 with Update 15

    If your application is not listed you can download and install our root certificates manually:

    Platinum CA – G2


    Gold CA – G2


    Silver CA – G2